Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 1 Year Birthday, my sweetest boy!


What a special day today is!  One year ago, at this moment you were still in my belly.  You were as close to me as you will ever be.  I LOVED begin pregnant with you!!  It is so amazing to me how God allows us to hold you for a straight 9 months and then eventually we get to look into your amazing eyes at 10:17pm that night. 

We had your 1st Birthday Party this past Saturday and it was great!  Your grandparents were here, all your aunts and uncles, your 4 girl cousins, 2 sets of your great aunts/uncles.  You LOVED your frog cake and got it all over you. You had a great time opening your presents.  You got all kinds of toys, but a truck that Aunt Di Di gave you was your absolute favorite.  You would not let it out of your sight and we had to get it out of the wrapping immediately.  You were so cute about it!

You have gone from:
-7 lbs 14 oz to 18 lb. 14 oz.
- 21 in. to 28 in.
-blue eyes to hazel eyes
-dark hair to filled in blonde hair
-baby, dainty hands to little boy hands
-swaddled to crawling
-hating a bath to LOVING, splashing in the bath
-newborn shoes to size 4 shoes
-we loved you then, we love you even more now!!

Weight - 18 lb. 14 oz. (5%)
Length - 28 in. (10%)

You are:
-a master at scooting on your belly now.  You pull with your right arm and push with your left leg.
-great at when we are dressing you with a toy in your hand and we tell you to "switch hands". 
-eating crackers, banana, strawberries, graham crackers, and cheese its now, but your favorite are plain cheerios.
-loving your musical chair toy.  You think you are such a big boy sitting in it.
-doing a fake cough now.  funny!
-already making "hum" sounds when you play with trucks and cars.  AMAZING how God makes boys!
-smart that when I put you in your highchair you put your arms up so I can put the tray on.
-now sitting up by yourself from crawling.  The first 2xs you did it, I didn't see it.  You were in your crib.
-sweet!  Daddy took you on a wagon ride (YOU LOVE IT!) and I met y'all on the street and you were excited to see me and waved at me (unsolicited) when I got close to you.  You melted my heart!
-NOT a fan of sitting in the grass.
-look so big in your crib now.  Daddy lowered it all the way down because you are also getting on your knees in your bed now and pulling up a little.

Daddy calls you "Mr. Curious".  Your wheels seems to be turning more than your sister's were at this age.  You love to look under the refrigerator, in the pantry, lift up the floor vent, what the hole on the wall is, what the electrical outlet is, how a door opens and closes, how the blinds attach to the door, etc. 

We love you, our sweet 1 year old!
Mommy and Daddy

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