Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 1 Year Birthday, my sweetest boy!


What a special day today is!  One year ago, at this moment you were still in my belly.  You were as close to me as you will ever be.  I LOVED begin pregnant with you!!  It is so amazing to me how God allows us to hold you for a straight 9 months and then eventually we get to look into your amazing eyes at 10:17pm that night. 

We had your 1st Birthday Party this past Saturday and it was great!  Your grandparents were here, all your aunts and uncles, your 4 girl cousins, 2 sets of your great aunts/uncles.  You LOVED your frog cake and got it all over you. You had a great time opening your presents.  You got all kinds of toys, but a truck that Aunt Di Di gave you was your absolute favorite.  You would not let it out of your sight and we had to get it out of the wrapping immediately.  You were so cute about it!

You have gone from:
-7 lbs 14 oz to 18 lb. 14 oz.
- 21 in. to 28 in.
-blue eyes to hazel eyes
-dark hair to filled in blonde hair
-baby, dainty hands to little boy hands
-swaddled to crawling
-hating a bath to LOVING, splashing in the bath
-newborn shoes to size 4 shoes
-we loved you then, we love you even more now!!

Weight - 18 lb. 14 oz. (5%)
Length - 28 in. (10%)

You are:
-a master at scooting on your belly now.  You pull with your right arm and push with your left leg.
-great at when we are dressing you with a toy in your hand and we tell you to "switch hands". 
-eating crackers, banana, strawberries, graham crackers, and cheese its now, but your favorite are plain cheerios.
-loving your musical chair toy.  You think you are such a big boy sitting in it.
-doing a fake cough now.  funny!
-already making "hum" sounds when you play with trucks and cars.  AMAZING how God makes boys!
-smart that when I put you in your highchair you put your arms up so I can put the tray on.
-now sitting up by yourself from crawling.  The first 2xs you did it, I didn't see it.  You were in your crib.
-sweet!  Daddy took you on a wagon ride (YOU LOVE IT!) and I met y'all on the street and you were excited to see me and waved at me (unsolicited) when I got close to you.  You melted my heart!
-NOT a fan of sitting in the grass.
-look so big in your crib now.  Daddy lowered it all the way down because you are also getting on your knees in your bed now and pulling up a little.

Daddy calls you "Mr. Curious".  Your wheels seems to be turning more than your sister's were at this age.  You love to look under the refrigerator, in the pantry, lift up the floor vent, what the hole on the wall is, what the electrical outlet is, how a door opens and closes, how the blinds attach to the door, etc. 

We love you, our sweet 1 year old!
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy 11 Months Birthday, JJ!


(photo to come)

I missed you so much while we were in Disney with Emmie.  She missed you too.  She talked about you every day.  It was so sweet.  She was also in a gift shop and picked out a baby Mickey and said "I want to get this for JJ."  It was the BEST when I picked you up from G'Mom.  I had butterflies!! When we were driving home, you kept waving at me in the mirror and also your cooing was the sweetest sound to my ears. 

Weight - 17 lb. 4 oz. (5%)
Length - 28 in. (20%)

You are:
-funny!!  When you and I were sitting on my bed, I was looking at my phone.  You l-e-a-n-e-d (stretched) forward and under to see my eyes.  You had a HUGE smile! 
-waving now.  Your first wave was to Daddy.
-I weaned you from nursing before we took Emmie to Disney.  You did great!  You are taking your whole milk through a bottle now great. 
-scooting on your belly (only) backwards.  :)
-attached to Sissy.  We were at Mrs. Peggy's and when Emmie left the room you started crying.  so sweet!
-You had your first spend the night party at Pug and Papa's while Daddy and I went on an overnight date to Huntsville to a concert.
-got your first haircut by Mrs. Paula.  You were very still and did a great job.
-getting your 2 front teeth in.
-great at getting from sitting up to laying on your belly now.  You lean really really far forward (almost doing the splits) and then roll big on your side and squeeze your foot to the back so you can get your you belly.
-sweet at Grampa and G'Mom's for 6 nights.  We took Emmie to Disney and you stayed with them.
-great at giving us the stink eye.  You give it too us ALL the time, like Paw Paw.
-still trying to repeat sounds we say like "bye, bye" (baba),  "hey" (he),  "dada", and "peak boo" (bo bo).
-silly about making sounds with your mouth.  If I act like I am going to eat your toes, you will go "(smack, smack, smack)".

We really think you are going to be a funny, funny boy!  You love to dance, shake your head, and also give us the "stink eye" all the time.  We can see those wheels turning.  What are you thinking?

Click here to see more pictures from this month.

I love you, my baby boy!
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 10 Months Birthday, JJ!


My how the time is flying!  I can't believe I am already thinking about your first birthday party.  You sure do love to laugh.  I can make faces at your or say "what are you doing?" and it cracks you up.  You also LOVE to be sitting on our bed and fall back.  You laugh so hard.  I sit you up and you do it again and again and again. 

Weight - 17 lb. 1 oz.
Length - 27 3/4 in.

You are:
-trying to repeat sounds we say like "bye, bye",  "hey",  "dada", and "didi".
-officially not napping anymore at dinner time.  You wake up from your afternoon nap about 4:30 and then stay up til I nurse you about 7:30 and then you go to bed for the night. 
-precious sleeping on your belly in the fetal position.  It makes me smile.  When I get you up, your knees are red from you sleeping so hard.  :)
-biting me when you nurse sometimes.  The other day a reacted quickly and popped you on your diaper.  Oh, it made you so sad with your lip poked out.
 -skipped your morning nap at church this past Sunday for the first time.  Ms. Ella can usually get you to sleep.  You did well and held out until your afternoon nap.
-making very funny faces now.  You can furrow your brow like your Great Grandfather, Paw Paw, would do. 
-really cute using your pointer finger and thumb as pinchers to get puffs to eat.
-sweet when you sleep on your back.  You still put your hands behind your back from being swaddled for 8 months.  I also know when you are playing and get fussy, if you put your hands behind your back you are ready for your nap.

Click here to see more pictures of our precious baby boy during this past month.

We love you, our sweet buddy!
Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Emily Jane!



What an amazing little girl you are!  No more 3 year old kisses in our home, this morning we have a BIG 4 year old!  You are the funniest, most caring, and ultra-creative little girl I know.  Mommy and Daddy love you beyond words.  You were SO excited this morning that it was your birthday!  You woke up earlier than you normally do - about 6:30am.  Then you were jumping up and down so big I couldn't even steal a kiss.

Where do I even begin my precious little angel?  We have had an awesome year with you.  Watching God work in your heart, your mind, and allowing you to grow and learn new things.  You beg everyday at naptime to snuggle with JJ.  It is so sweet!  He loves you so much.  You are really good at making him smile and laugh!

Here are some of the funniest words that you say now:
"nappy" hair
"take a time" (taking a long time)
"hear's the deal..."
"give it a shot"
"fedder" (feather)
"Clounder" (Flounder from the "Little Mermaid")
"Gee Wiz!"
"Great Gizmos!" (from the "Smurfs")

Top 20 funniest quotes:
1. "Mommy, my shirt (turtleneck) was like an arm hole. When I took it off, it pulled my eyes off."
2.  You told Daddy "You are squishing my lungs." Daddy, "How do you know that?" Emmie "I have bones and lungs, Daddy.  It says it in Mommy's pregnancy book.  Like JJ."
3.  "Mommy, can we have a jammie day?  Zoe can stay in her jammies too.  It is her fur."
4. "You are the best cook in the WHOLE wide world, Mama! You make the goodest pizza."; Daddy, you are the funniest man in the WHOLE world."
5. "This has no arm sleeves." (when putting on a short sleeve shirt)
6. "It is fogging outside, Mama!"
7. "Mama, you know why I kiss JJ so much? Because I love him SO much."
8. While making popcorn on the stove, "they are having a party in there.  They are having fun."
9. "Emmie, I miss you when you are at school." Emmie said, "But Mommy, I will have you in my heart."
10. "I am so glad we have headlights or we would be scared in the car."
11. Taking Halloween candy to the firemen: I told Emmie to take 2 more pieces for herself.  "No Mommy, the firemen need those."
12. "Mommy, I am going to be sick 40 one hundred thousand years, right?" (you had been sick for about 3 weeks with a cold/cough)
13. "It smells fresh, Mommy" (I was doing laundry.)
14.  While watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Daddy told you it was the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" balloon.  You said, "Diarrhea is when you have to poop really bad."
15. "Do I look dazzling?" (when wearing my really high heels); "Isn't that little girl pretty? Just like me, huh?" (while watching a movie)
16. "These are my accessories." (3 nightgowns that you got out with your Cinderella dress)
17. "completely watch, this dough is pickupable." (we made strawberry cookies)
18. "Mommy, I need to turn off my music.  It is distracting me." (from eating yogurt)
19. "JJ's cheeks are cold.  We need to take him to the dr. to get him checked out."
20. "It's beautiful.  God gave me that idea." (decorating the stairs with a scarf)

- a boyfriend, Averette!  Funny!  You get a woozie smile when we ask you about him.  You said he is sweet like Daddy and makes silly faces at you to make you laugh.
- you burned your finger on the cookie sheet :(
- you have watch all kinds of movies: Aladdin,
- you LOVE to dust!
- you had your first Lemonade and Cookie stand today for the Hart's adoption.  50 cups = $105.00!!!
- you have learned to hop on one foot
- you LOVE to sleep with only your pull up on - "naked"
- you don't sleep with bed rails on your big girl bed anymore - you have only fallen out of your bed one time since but you busted both of your lips
- you went bowling and did great - you almost beat Mommy with the guard rails up
- you were able to reach the mailbox and flag to mail a letter to Irene in Tanzania
- racecar track on the living room carpet with masking tape
- you put your raincoat and rain boots on and we took your umbrella to splash in the puddles
- you painted your fingernails ALL by yourself :) as you can imagine, they were beautiful!
- you named your freckle on your shoulder "Goey" (like Zoe) - funny!
- you LOVE to eat boiled and fried eggs
- you can wink with your left eye now too - you can do both!!
- you asked Santa for a Cinderella Barbie.  He brought you one and you were SO excited!!
- you took a shower all by yourself: washing your own hair and body!!
- you and Mommy made your first paper snowflake
- you ask Daddy to help you surprise me: you made me blueberry muffins
- you, Mommy, and Daddy made your first Gingerbread House (it only took 4 days) WHEW!!
- you recognize 1-10 numbers and also most of your letters!

Click here to see all kinds of pictures of Emily from June-now.

In December, I asked you what kind of party you wanted.  You said a lady bug party.  Really?  How did you come up with that?  Well, we had a lady bug party and it was a hit!  You loved it - all lady bugs: hats, strawberries, pretzels, polka dot balloons, game, cake, wreath, etc.

Weight - 36 lb.
Height - 39 in.

We can't wait to make memories with you again this year - as a BIG 4 year old.
We love you, Emily!
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 9 Months Birthday, JJ!


You are really getting to be a silly, silly baby!  You Big Sis loves you SO much.  She begs everyday at naptime for you to snuggle with her. It is so sweet!  You LOVE it and smile so big.  She is great at tickling you too.  You LOVE music and your way of "dancing" is wiggling your head.  It is the cutest!  Emmie got a microphone stand that has music with it and you bounce so big in your jumper when she plays it for you.  It is great!

Weight - 16 lb. 8 oz. (5%)
Length - 27 1/2  in. (20%)

You are:
-great at "winking" at us!  With both eyes, you squint and it is so cute!
-an expert roller now.  We had to take you out of your swaddle for naptime and just put you in your sleep sack for all your naps and bedtime too.
-lovin' Daddy's toes.  You wanted to eat them the other day.  YUCK!
-Happy 1st Christmas, JJ! 
-a baby food eater now!!  This is a big deal because in November you threw up rice cereal 3 times (one of the times we had to take you to Children's hospital.)
-eating - carrots, avocado, baby oatmeal, prunes, bananas, applesauce, green beans, yogurt, peas, puffs, and peaches.
-great at eating bananas out of your mesh bag.  It is so messy, but you really love them!
-1st Hair Cut: Daddy cut the hair around your ears and also in the back. 
-sweet when you nurse (when not biting me).  You like to play with my hair, earrings, shirt, and face.
-finally drinking out of a straw sippy cup.  It took me offering it to you 3 times a day for about 10 days for you to figure it out!  whew!

Click here to see more pictures of JJ from this month.

You are my sidekick right now, Buddy!  You really don't like to be left alone, so I will put you in your highchair right next to the sink and you will "help" me cook.  You love to play with your toys and are very content in the same room with us, but you have to be able to see Daddy or I.  You REALLY don't like other people to hold you when we are out and about.  You definitely prefer Daddy or I - we really don't mind being your favorites! 

We love you, our sweetest boy!
Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 8 Months Birthday, JJ!


From JJ's Monthly Pictures in the Chair

Sweet boy!  What a joy you are to have around our home!  You are so ticklish and laugh alot which keeps us smiling too!  Emmie thinks it is fun to make faces at you too that make you laugh or hug you big, tight, and tickle you to make you giggle too.

Weight - 16 lb. 7 oz. (5%)
Length - 27 in. (20%)

You are:
-the owner of a 2nd TOOTH!!! We found it on 11/9/12!!
-a frequent visitor to the dr. office right now. 
     On 11/15/12 you were really sick.  At 3:45p, you started throwing up.  By 5:20p, you had thrown up 10 times, so we took you to Children's Hospital ER.  You did have a really bad ear infection (which was misdiagnosed as to why you were throwing up - they thought it was from the pain). 
     You ended up throwing up again on 11/20/12 you threw up 5 times in 1 hour.  We gave you Zofran and the vomiting stopped. 
     On 11/27/12, we took you to a Ped. GI, Dr. Mestre.  He wanted me to supplement with formula to help you gain some weight back. 
     Then on 12/4/12, you had an upper GI test.  It came back that you had Silent Reflux but no medicine at this time.  We were praising God that you don't have Malnutrition Syndrome, nor an obstruction in your esophagus, nor holes in your stomach that milk is leaking out of.
     PRAISE GOD!!!
-holding your own bottle now!  :)
-LOVES to splash in the bathtub!  He also LOVES to be able to sit up.

From 11-9-12 JJ during his 8th Month

Click the photo above to see more from this month.

We have been so worried about you this past month.  I am thankful that nothing serious is going on.  We will con't to pray that you will gain weight and hopefully be able to keep some baby food down soon.  You are so content and alot of fun to be around.  You are still sleeping great during the day and all through the night.

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 7 Months Birthday, JJ!


Hey my sweet boy!  What a month we have had. Looking back at the pictures, you have kept us on our toes.  On November 1st, Daddy left for South Sudan with Neverthirst and that same day I had to take you to the doctor's.  You ended up having a bronchial trachea viral infection. :( Then 2 days later, you threw up because of all the phlegm you had been coughing up and you were sick for awhile.
From JJ's Monthly Pictures in the Chair

Weight - 15 lb 6 oz (5%)
Length - 26 3/4 in. (40%)

You are:
-the owner of 1 TOOTH!!!  We found it on Halloween night!! So cute!
-vaccinated for the flu.
-very strong.  You like to stand on our laps alot.
-great at reaching.  If there is anything close, you will try really hard to get it.
-VERY loved by your sister.  She calls you "Buddy" sometimes and it is SO sweet!
-great at sitting up now.  At the beginning of the month, it was only 1-2 minutes, but now you can do even 45 min.
-opinionated about your paci.  If you don't want it and we try to put it in your mouth, you will stick your tongue out to stop us.  I think it is funny!
-the cutest Sebastian!  You and Emmie (Ariel) dressed up from the "Little Mermaid" for Halloween.
-getting good at twisting and turning on the changing pad.  You like to reach for your diaper cream.

Click here or the pix for more.

From 10-9-12 JJ during his 7th month

We love you so much our little buddy!
Mommy and Daddy